Coast to Coast 1991


Sunday 23rd June 1991        :        19 miles        :        Sunny and Warm

Photo of the Day

Ennerdale Water
Ennerdale Water

Day Two

Got up 8:15am, breakfast was at 8:30am. It must have been raining heavy in the early hours of morning, ground was a bit wet and sky was overcast. Breakfast was a below par, too many sausages and bacon, egg was ok. I think Mrs. Jackson was a bit unsure of a rambler’s diet, at least it will keep me going until Ennerdale Bridge. I set off at 9:30am to go up the road to Moor Row, it’s now raining and continued like so for half a hour. I got to Cleator about 11:20am to head for the café, at the back of Farrens shop. Here I had a cup of tea and ham sandwich. The rain has now stopped , I got talking to another couple who are also doing Coast to Coast. I set again at 12:00pm to head for Dent Hill, the climb was quite tough. The weather is not so bad, but very windy at the top of Dent. I stopped for a while to catch a glimpse of the views of the coast and surrounding Lakeland and later dropped steeply to Nannycatch gate to have lunch. I then pushed on to Ennerdale Bridge and popped into a shop to have a ice lolly, weather is quite nice now.

I went along Ennerdale Lake to skirt around Angler’s Crag and followed the shore to the head of the lake, this must have been 3 miles. I crossed the bridge to reach the forest road and will continue to walk for 5 miles before I reach Black Sail Hut.

The weather is getting drizzly, the tops of Pillar is covered in low cloud. I reached Black Sail Hut, I did plan to wild camp down by the River Liza at the head of the valley. But the hostel had beds available and this was a rare chance not to turn down, so I booked in for the night. Lucky I did, because the weather was changing and started to rain. Later on in the evening, it did clear up for some fine views of Pillar.


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